The anatomy of a Chihuahua.


The anatomy of a Chihuahua.


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i’d rather use the mobile app than see some of your themes


Oh my god, this biology subject. Our “homework” is to write a 6-8 point criteria on what defines a living thing, then pick our favourite cell and explain why. I’m going to sound like the biggest fucking smartass.

Despite my joking about it, today has been fucking awful and I’ve reached breaking point over one tiny incident that I would otherwise not give a shit about.

ANZ seem to think that because I have a vagina, I need to have a pink card. But my eyesight is so bad that I can’t tell the difference between awful shades of pink and a standard true red. That’s a problem when you’ve got red cards. I honestly would have been happier if ANZ sent me a plain white card with “VAGINA CARD: A CARD FOR PEOPLE WITH VAGINAS” written on it in Sharpie. At least then I would have known that was my ANZ card.

Weebs can inconvenience everyone by using uni computers to read manga, but this bitch can’t even bring her own sandwich in without getting weird looks

oh man im tired as heckie but this sandwich